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Virtual (Video) Golf Lessons
If a picture is worth a thousand words,
what do you imagine high speed film is worth?

It's no secret that video feedback is a very efficient way of improving a golf swing! High speed video allows us to slow your swing down so you can see every phase of what you are doing. During a lesson we can use video to pinpoint the key areas that need further development in your swing. The visual feedback, coupled with a better understanding of what's really going on in your swing from set up to follow-through, gives you a powerful tool to use in the development of your playing ability. Using video over time, you have an opportunity to actually see your swing change. Video feedback is amazing, especially for visual learners!

Virtual Golf Lessons allow students of to submit their swing videos to Kristin for analysis. Video uploads can be made through the V1 Home app using the V1 Golf "Locker". Anyone can submit video from their mobile phone by emailing the video to Kristin, or by or texting it to her smartphone (970.744.0354).

Each Video Web Lesson includes:

  • The video of your swing with voice-over analysis by your pro,
  • Comparison with touring pros (if appropriate)
  • Tips and Drills to correct your swing faults

Here's how it works: After you submit your video, your pro creates a video summary of your lesson and sends you a link by email. You simply click to view your personalized lesson online. Review your progress in your own home, in your own time! NO SPECIAL SOFTWARE REQUIRED - EVERYTHING IS WEB BASED. This amazing technology is available for only $25 in addition to your regular lesson fee!


V1 Professional Video Swing Analysis
Video Lesson Review-$25
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Virtual Lesson- One - $40
Virtual Lesson - 3 Pack -$105
Virtual Lesson - 5 Pack -$125
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